All presenters will be informed of the length of their presentations and the time allocation in the forum by 20th June.


Please use the template PLEA2017_Paper_Template_v1.ppt. You can save send it also as a pdf file.
And submit via email to indicating in the subject line the Forum where you are presenting and inside the email your paper ID number and name and surname of the presenter. Also use the convention Forum_ID_surname.pptx to name your attachment. Please submit you presentation no later than 26th June 23:59UTC so it can be uploaded to the rooms in the venue.


Please download from here Guidelines for the FINAL Paper.
For Microsoft Word (should work for operating systems under Windows and MAC OS) please download the guidelines PLEA2017_Final_Paper_Guidelines_v1.docx.
For Microsoft Word (older versions to be saved as .doc) please download the guidelines PLEA2017_Final_Paper_Guidelines_v1.doc.
These guidelines are also available as a pdf PLEA2017_Final_Paper_Guidelines_v1.pdf

Kindly note that final papers are to be submitted on-line only. You will receive an email when your submission has all the Reviewers comments and is ready to be uploaded. Please wait to be notified.
Please log into MySubmissions and upload your draft paper. The procedure is similar to the one used for the draft paper. Instructions that can be found by clicking on the "help" tile on the dashboard.

For more information on presentation submissions please contact:


All those who present a Paper (long or short presentation) must pay a three day Registration Fee. In addition there are provisions for Non-Attending Authors (NAA) to have their papers in the PLEA 2107 Proceedings on payment of the NAA Fee.

Kindly note that PLEA 2017 requires that the lead author must already be registered for a paper to be presented and included in the proceedings. Each paper requires a three day registration and one lead author may not present more than one paper at the conference unless a second paper fee is paid for each additional paper. If an author cannot attend they may have their paper included in the Conference Proceedings for the payment of a NAA fee for each paper paid by the 1st of June.

  1. Non-Attending Author's Fee (NAA) of £200 to have a paper published in the proceedings.
  2. Attending Author's 2nd Paper (AAP) Fee of £250.

The NAA and the AAP fees cover the not inconsiderable expenses incurred in the handling, refereeing and publication of papers in the conference proceedings and the provision of space and programming of presentations in the busy schedule.

NB: The author, by submitting a paper for the conference, is guaranteeing that the work submitted is original and has not been previously published.
All Attendees (including students) who are presenting papers and those submitting papers for inclusion in the conference proceedings must already be registered to both present at the conference and/or to have their papers published in the proceedings as the programme will be fixed in the second week of June 2017.

All students must present evidence of their students status on registration.